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Why do I want to join LNHC as an artist member?

Julie had no idea what she was getting into when she started her music career. She thought if you had talent and you were willing to work hard, that was all you needed. Wow was she in for a surprise. Yes, the internet does provide a forum for your music, but that does not mean you can sell it. The internet music business is deceiving in that it seems with a small investment you can get some pretty big results.  But that’s just not the case.  So Julie like so many others spent a considerable amount of money that generated very little results. So what about performing live, certainly there would be a lot of local places to play without needing to tour. She found out that wasn’t easy either.

So we created the concept of LNHC.  Membership is FREE to all women in the performing arts.  You will be able to load your profile which will give you exposure to people searching for talent and entertainment.  On your profile page you can add your bio and all the links you would like and you can edit and update at any time.   

Our vision is to give women performing artists one place to where they can gain a tremendous amount of exposure to their potential audiences. We can bring attention to the female performers by marketing to women and encouraging the power that women have to elevate and support women performers.  It’s not required to have a web site, Ladies Night Home Concerts is a great link to reference when you are marketing your music whether you have a web site or not.

LNHC is changing the opportunities for women performers, and we say it’s about time!

Click here to view Julie’s Journey (video).

How much does Membership cost

Basic membership is free and includes your profile on the website with the ability to edit at anytime and add all the links that you would like.

Upgrading to pro artist membership includes:

  1. Profile on the website and promotion for one whole year
  2. Written CD review
  3. Personal attention and promotion that you won’t find anywhere else.  Daily posts on our Facebook site highlighting our pro artist’s songs, websites and video’s, and we will share our posts on your Facebook page.  We will also “like” your page and comment on your videos.
  4. LNHC Podcast promotional interview

All this for just $49.99 a year!

How do I join LNHC as a member Performer?

  1. Be a woman—if you perform with men it’s like co-ed volleyball:  We ask that there is one woman to every man on the floor. If you are a band or perform with others you can go by the band name and picture if you like, or go as an individual and list all the band info in the profile. We are very flexible and this site is here to serve you while still keeping the integrity of being a woman performing platform.
  2. Be a professional performer who is ready to be heard and ready to perform for compensation.
  3. Submit a great bio. Here are some great tips for creating a killer performing artist bio!
  4. Have your performances available to be viewed. Include some links to your performances. YouTube works just fine.  It does not have to be a professional video, but the better sound quality, the better to hear you! (Yes, it’s a nod to Little Red Riding Hood.)
  5. If you want to sell recordings of your performance or just get them out there, include links to where your performances can be listened to and purchased. Of course, the better the sound quality …you guessed it, the better you sound.
  6. It is not required to have a website, LNHC is a great link to reference when you are marketing your music whether you have a website or not.

How do I participate in Ladies Night Home Concerts?

  1. Sign up as an LNHC artist and get your profile online. Let everyone know in your profile that you want to participate in LNHCs, and why you would make the evening an entertaining and fun experience.
  2. Make sure you have all or any equipment that you need, like a mic stand, chord, etc.
  3. Show your appreciation to the hostess. If you have a CD or a t-shirt, that would make a great hostess gift.
  4. A hostess will make the first communication with you to perform at her “Ladies Night.” Try to return any communication quickly. You and the hostess will work out the perfect date and time.
  5. Send anyone who wants to hostess a concert for you to the LNHC website to help give her support and ideas.
  6. Help us by listing our link on your Facebook page and website so that women in your location can connect with you about being a LNHC host.


Ready to Get Started? Sign Up Now!

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