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What is a Ladies Night Home Concert?

Simply put, it’s a fabulous way for you to host a fun “ladies night in,” while supporting local female performing artists.

The concept is simple, and involves just a few steps:

1. Visit the artist profiles

Links and contact information are here.

2. Choose Your Performer

Musicians, humorists, story tellers & poets.

3. Book Your Performance

Set up a time, date & place.

4. Let the Fun Begin!

Invite your friends, host your concert, and have a great time!

The artist does all their own set-up and tear-down and brings all her own equipment.  She typically performs two 30-45 minute sets. The rest of the time is spent connecting with other women over food and drinks.

We had no idea how fun these nights could be until we started holding them. The energy is amazing, the networking powerful, and the fun unlimited.  And it really is a win-win for everyone: you enjoy a wonderful bonding time with your girlfriends, while providing exposure and income to a woman performer.

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Want More Information?  Read Our Frequently Asked Questions.

What does it cost, and what do I need to provide?

Registering to be a hostess is absolutely free.  Hosting your own concert is also free, with the exception of whatever munchies and beverages you want to supply.  You just need a room or a yard big enough to seat your friends and 1-3 performers (depending on who you chose to perform at your concert).

How does the artist get paid?

You set out a donation jar, and suggest a donation value that you know would work for your friends. It can be anywhere from $5-20 per person. At the end of the night, the artist gets what’s in the jar.

For the performing artists, it is worth their while for a couple of reasons.  Besides being compensated with the donations, they can sell their merchandise (CD’s, T-shirts, etc.)  And most importantly, they receive… EXPOSURE!  Invaluable to any artist.

Why would I want to host a Ladies Night Home Concert?

You can make all the difference in the world to a woman performer. As hostesses, we can change the whole dynamics for women performers all over the world one concert at a time. The potential for supporting the arts in our communities start in our homes and with us. You are giving a gift that only you can give to a deserving artist so that she can continue to practice her craft.  LNHC’s are a place where you can talk shop, job, kids, men, Spanks… you know, the basics. It’s a place where you don’t need to be worried about anybody feeling uncomfortable if we say “estrogen” out loud, or sing about menopause, kids or “lady stuff.”

I want to, but I don’t have time

We get it.  As moms ourselves, we know that even on a good week, it’s sometimes hard to find time shave your legs.  But we’ve also discovered a truth along the way: nobody knew our needs and cared for them except for us.  And, yes, we had needs.  Who knew?

One of these needs was to build friendships with other women. Something which I must say has been of remarkable value to me through the years. The best part is that it’s really easy breezy. When you register as a hostess with us we will send you a PDF file to help you hostess your concert.