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The History behind LNHC

As a performer herself, Julie learned about house concerts in Connecticut when she was looking for venues to play.  Julie attended a couple of these concerts, but found it was sometimes challenging to find people to host because most people didn’t know what a house concert was.

And performers faced equally difficult challenges:  for the few organized groups, there can be a long wait to get on the active list, and some required either a try out, a performer fee, or a willingness to tour.

So Julie had the idea of combining house concerts and home parties.  With her friend, Mary, they developed a model for women, which was run by women, and performed and hosted by women.

We are thrilled that female artists everywhere can use Ladies Night Home Concerts to be able to perform and be compensated for their craft, while getting their talent known in their communities and build a fan base, without touring or paying a manager or booker.

What’s behind the Name

We came up with the title “Ladies Night”, because typically Ladies Nights really aren’t designed for ladies.  So we wanted to bring fresh and new energy to that title. The “Ladies” are taking back the night, by enjoying humor and music targeted for them, written and performed by those who know ladies best.

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